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Mission Statement

The Reality TV Awards supports, examines and redefines the art of reality in media by rewarding excellence, encouraging experimentation and recognizing that the public is the heart of our industry. We embrace the spirit of fun and camaraderie which is an inherent part of what makes this industry great. We value the rich diversity of programming that puts reality in media on the leading edge of entertainment.


Reality is any and everything we can experience and reflect upon. Reality is the every day moments, great and small, from birth to death. Reality is the challenges, successes and failures of our shared experience. To experience the real is to know what it’s like to hope, to have faith, to be challenged, to love, know heartache and to reflect on the passage of time from youth to old age. Reality is found in exotic places, the homes of the elite, the kitchens of your local eateries, the halls of your schools and in your own back yard. The real is in the here and now.

Executive Producers : Andrew Ward & Kristen Moss