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Vanderpump Rules - 4 Nominations - Post.

4 Nominations: (Video Link)


Dynamic Cast - Returning

Guilty Pleasure Show

Overall Show

About the Show:

Everything is changing as Lisa Vanderpump and the staff of SUR return for Season Seven, the most dynamic, surprising, and emotionally heart-wrenching season of Vanderpump Rules yet.

With the opening of TomTom just around the corner, Lisa Vanderpump channels her energy into making sure her newest venture is the epitome of perfection, but as she copes with the tragic death of her brother, Lisa starts to show rare signs of vulnerability. And as last-minute problems arise at the restaurant, Lisa must assign more responsibility to her junior partners Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval – whether they’re ready or not. At SUR, Lisa’s star DJ James Kennedy creates major issues when he disrespects her waitresses, forcing Lisa to choose between the feelings of her staff and the profitability of her business.

After a rollercoaster of a year, Jax Taylor makes a bold statement about how much he’s changed by proposing marriage to his loving girlfriend, Brittany. Despite the fact that they appear to be getting along better than ever in both their relationship and new Kentucky beer cheese business, Brittany suffers a breakdown when she learns their friends question Jax’s motives and expect him to return to his selfish, cheating ways.

After a painful breakup, Stassi bounces back with an exciting book deal, an eccentric new boyfriend, and a close friendship with Ariana that leaves Scheana green with envy. But when her deep-seated insecurities cause her to rage at the people she loves most, Stassi must find a way to put an end to her meltdowns before she drives her friends – and her beloved boyfriend – away for good.

Tom Sandoval is on the brink of the greatest success of his professional life, but his personal life remains complicated. When Sandoval shares an intimate secret about Ariana’s sexuality, the couple’s most personal issues are put on public display. And when Tom realizes that Ariana’s reluctance to have children is a dealbreaker for him, the couple must decide whether they still see a future together, or whether their relationship has a fast-approaching expiration date.

After being the target of body-shaming comments, Katie Maloney takes a stand for the women of SUR and delivers an ultimatum to Lisa Vanderpump that will send reverberations throughout the entire restaurant. Her newfound maturity even causes her and husband – and proud new restaurant owner – Tom Schwartz to consider taking the next step in their lives… having a baby!

The sudden death of Lala’s father leaves SUR’s most glamorous hostess in a dark place, despite the support of her friends and Hollywood producer boyfriend, Randall. As Lala’s behavior grows darker and erratic, however, the group begins to question whether she’s taking advantage of their kindness, and whether the fun, light-hearted Lala will ever return.

Fresh on the heels of her breakup with Rob, Scheana declares this her single summer of “hanging and banging,” but when she starts a new obsession over hot SUR barback Adam Spott, people whisper that Scheana hasn’t changed as much as she claims. Scheana finds herself again at odds with the Witches of WeHo, but for the first time Scheana sees her best friend Ariana drifting away from her as she grows closer to Stassi, leaving Scheana on the outs.

For the first time in his life, James Kennedy is succeeding on all fronts. He dotes on his model girlfriend, plays his music to packed crowds every night as SUR’s resident DJ, and even helps keep his family afloat financially. When an ill-conceived rap lands him in hot water with his friends, however, Kristen retaliates by unleashing an explosive rumor about James’s infidelity, setting off an irrevocable chain of events that will affect James, the entire SUR family, and Lisa Vanderpump herself.

Vanderpump Rules

Reality TV Awards History

2nd Annual Reality TV Awards:

Winner - Reality Queen - Lisa Vanderpump


3rd Annual Reality TV Awards:

Winner - Docu-Series

5th Annual Reality TV Awards:

Winner - Docu-Series

6th Annual Reality TV Awards:

Winner - Dynamic Cast - Returning

Bravolebrity - Stassi Schroeder