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6 Nominations:

Bad Ass Production Crew

Creative Challenge - Lunar Impact (Video Link)

Dynamic Cast - New

Host: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

New Show

Overall Show

About the Show:

Following his personal belief that people have the potential to be the best they can be, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson offers exceptional everyday men and women the opportunity to push themselves in extreme tests of strength, endurance and mental fortitude. These contenders compete in intense head-to-head battles, with the winners battling it out in the ultimate physical challenge on Mount Olympus for the chance to become a Titan. In the final round, the Titans face off against one another in the hope of becoming the last male and female competitor standing.


Nomination Details:

Bad-Ass Crew - Only the baddest crew alive could suit up and step into the kitchen alongside Dwayne Johnson to help the viewer smell what The Rock is cookin'! From dreaming, designing and devising the most devious, demented challenges ever seen, to finding a 6-acre compound to build the massive Titan Arena to put it all in, to the crazy night shoots where the sweat from the competitors and the sweat from the crew made the compound resemble the Canals of Venice. Dwayne always strives to "be the hardest worker in the room." It takes one SERIOUSLY bad-ass crew to live up to that.

Creative Challenge - Lunar Impact - This outrageous challenge takes place 30 feet in the air. First, competitors race up a ladder that’s two stories high to get to a long, crescent moon-shaped beam. Then, it's a rush to push the large metal wall in the center of the beam and try to overpower their opponent knock them all the way backwards until they fall off the platform.

Dynamic Cast (New) - These are the incredible everyday athletes whose passion and tireless work ethic have made them Titans in their own lives. From the single-dad and beer delivery driver, James Jean-Louis, to Charity Witt, the metabolic technician who turned to powerlifting to improve her health and combat a diagnosed cardiac arrhythmia, to Tyler Lucas, an Air Force Sergeant based in Germany who grew up idolizing his big brother Kyle (also a competitor) and followed in his footsteps to walk on at Penn State and then serve his country in the military overseas.