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The Substitute w_ Jace Norman - Kids Rea

Nominated Show

1 Nomination: (Video Link)

Kids Reality Series

About the Show:

The Substitute with Jace Norman is a hidden camera prank special where he was transformed by a team of special effects artists to go undercover as a substitute teacher to surprise a class of unsuspecting students at a real school. The Substitute is a true co-viewing special where kids enjoy watching the total transformation of a star and seeing him go wild in a classroom setting while parents enjoy watching kids get pranked and seeing Jace Norman as The Substitute getting his revenge.

This special involves an elaborate undercover plan with full prosthetic hair and makeup, outlandish creative around a new persona, as well as fun and wacky wardrobe. In addition, there are over a dozen hidden cameras used throughout the show capturing each kids’ natural reaction. And after the wild and crazy chaos of the pranks, The Substitute practiced giving back by presenting a check to the school for $25,000.