Submissions for the 9th Annual Reality TV Awards are now open.
If you have any questions please email
You will be invoiced for your submissions after they have been reviewed and approved.
For further information on how the submission process works, click here.
For descriptions on each of the eligible categories, click here.


Submission/Voting Process:


  1. Submission form opens for Networks, Production Companies, Cast, Crew and Representatives to submit their shows, talent, departments for all categories.

  2. In order to get as many shows involved as possible, the ARTAs team is consistently researching new shows and encouraging submissions from production companies, talent, and networks. Our goal is to generate as many submissions as possible so we, as the awards, have the ability to show off every aspect of what makes up our diverse and inclusive industry.

  3. Once submissions have been received, the Industry Vote commences.

  4. Information regarding the industry vote is sent out to all who submitted, American Reality TV Academy Members and posted in online forums. Anyone who is approved as an active member of the Reality TV Industry ( will receive a personalized “Industry Only” ballot.

  5. After the results are in from the“Industry Only” ballot, the final nominees make up the “Public Vote”. 

  6. The Reality TV Awards does our best to encourage voting by sending out shareable social media graphics, generating as much press as possible and communicating with the show representatives to make sure they have as much information as possible. 

  7. Once the public vote is complete, the winner of each category is announced at the American Reality Television Awards.


Category Descriptions:

Memorable contestants, crazy obstacles, alliances, judges and even exotic locations. This kind
of show is laid-out months before the world even knows that the next season has been
announced. All you need is the unsuspecting characters and away we go!


Cast members are ready and willing to put themselves through anything in order to come out on
top. These challenges test the limits of the contestants and show off the creativity of the
challenge department and make for some of most compelling television moments of the human


This series streams online only as an independent production or support for an existing networkor cable show.

Productions based on real life: From a day in the life to the opening of a restaurant, a famous
struggle or triumph or just some good ole’ table-flipping confrontations, all forms of story telling
are welcomed here.


The editors take the hours of footage and give it meaning, drama, suspense and intrigue! They
cut thousands of hours of footage into a perfect season you can’t stop watching.


Making a difference and bringing emotion/passion to every viewer. We can’t help it, we really
want a good cry every once in a while or just something that makes us have all the feels.


Ingredients for the perfect show: an A-list host, wacky contestants, massive prizes and life-
changing money! Everyone wants to be on one, very few get the chance, but television is in the
golden age of game show, but which one is best?


It’s the show you watch and don’t talk about...until someone else brings it up, then it’s game on!
The water cooler show, the one your girlfriend has no idea you’re watching or following, your
own personal “must see tv”


Does America tune into your show because the host is so alluring? Have they made your show
what it is today? Or do they simply have the most followers on social media. Whatever the
answer, they’re the person who guides us through the reality journey.

Are you a worldwide sensation, produced and airing overseas? Subtitles or not, the world is
watching and downloading each episode as it airs. Why not be rewarded for it, our planet is big
enough for all the characters!


Knowledgeable, quirky, intriguing, and most importantly opinionated and fun to watch! Without
judging, how would we know who to like, who to root for and who should be crowned winner!


Junior versions of reality shows are the latest and greatest trend in the genre. This category
features the leaders of! Who doesn't love an adult-based competition show
with pint-sized competitors, right? Thought so!


Renovations, DIY, Cooking, Crafting...these are the shows where someone is so creative and
makes it look so easy, you are convinced you can do it all without the help of skilled workers.


You’ve heard through the grapevine that a new version or a new concept in reality tv is on the
horizon. The promos are cryptic. Did I just see a major celeb? Did I just see someone risk their
life for $1,000,000? Did I just clear my calendar to DVR Every. Single. Episode? Yes. Yes and
Yes. Time to wow the public again and create the next buzz-worthy obsession.


You had the best casting team, and it showed! This is a cast you wanted to drink with, party with,

or discuss life with. You tuned in each week to "hang" with them and these new faces became the talk of

the town this year. No matter what, you couldn’t change the channel because these characters are what

compels you to visit them week after week, year after year.


This veteran cast continues to keep America in awe, season after season. They may even have

sippy cups, keychains or brands of wine with their faces on it. Bottom line, they are the catalyst

of a show’s longevity and success.

The cream of the crop with perfect balance of execution, star power, cast selection and a hold
on the heartstrings of the American audience. The show that has all of America obsessed
whether they’re chatting in the home, virtual group chats and/or all social media platforms.

You had a ton of awesome reality shows this year, and are not afraid to come out and say it!
Tired of hearing, “oh YOU make THAT show?” Why not reward yourself for it and have your
company name on the tips of tongues everywhere! Now’s the chance for those behind the
scenes executives and staff to be noticed.


Harsh weather conditions, long hours, extreme teamwork, and lots of energy drinks. This
"behind the scenes" off-camera team of on-set producers, camera crew and everyone in
between gives their heart, soul and well-being to make their show the best of the best.


Male and Female Personality of the year. One person who rises above all else for whatever
reason: love them, hate them, but face it, you kinda wanna be them!


Remember the song that tore the roof off the venue? The ex showing up at the most imperfect
moment? That underdog who conquers a course or shocks everyone by their endurance and
sheer will? Or the thing that makes TMZ salivate to create the next big headline moment? Yup,
this is that category.


Your development department drank too much coffee that day and created something really
odd, but compelling, and hey, it worked! Make those creative juices the next big thing to be
noticed in the world of reality television.