Getting Cast on Reality TV - Why? Part 3: Win an Award!

There are awards for literally everything these days!

The Oscars, The Emmys and The MTV Movie & TV Awards for the scripted entertainment industry. The American Music Awards and The Grammys for the music industry. The Drama Desk & The Tony Awards for Broadway. The Hero Dog awards for…well, the dog industry.

No matter where you’re from, we all have a slight inclination that Reality TV could be a fun getaway from your everyday world, but in a year’s time, did you ever think your work in front and behind the camera can be rewarded, too?

So why not the Reality Television Awards for the Reality TV industry!

The Reality Television Awards was created in 2012 with the Reality TV industry in mind. Once Andrew Ward and Kristen Moss, the creators, realized that this very “in-your-face” and “ahead of the curve” industry didn’t have a mechanism in place to reward the craft, they set out to change that.

Without the opinion of the public, who’s to know which shows are really successful or not? Without the potential of winning an award, who’s going to care about raising the bar? If there’s no one offering opinions on the shows that exist, the industry is at a standstill and no one is trying to break through with that next incredible idea, cast, edit, performance, moment, etc.

The Reality Television Awards changed that. 

Now in its 6th successful year, the bar has definitely been raised, but the mission remains the same: to recognize the best in Reality TV without losing site of the idea that our industry is a fun and outlandish one! 

Mainstream celebrities are finding comfortable (and sometimes uncomfortable) niches in Reality Television.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Blake Shelton, Leah Remini and even Donald Trump have all been recipients of the coveted Reality TV Award with many others nominated like Adam Levine, Tyra Banks and Mariah Carey. 

The real fun though is when a regular Joe, who may have never considered the life-changing effect of Reality TV, becomes a household name. Gordon Ramsay, Abby Lee Miller, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Schumer, Snookie, Emma Stone, Jennifer Hudson, Miranda Lambert, Cardi B, and ALL of the Kardashians have Reality Television to thank for their big breaks. They took a chance, applied for the show or auditioned, signed the scary paperwork and got their moment.

Many of the people mentioned above, who were on shows, didn’t even win their episode/season, but it didn’t matter, they had the taste of the limelight and were ready to work hard to keep themselves relevant. 

The Reality Television Awards may not have existed back when Destiny’s Child, then called Girl Time, performed on ‘Star Search’ and lost, but would have been great to have been honored with a Reality TV Award for their performance. Mixing and mingling with network heads and production company owners who are always in search of the next exciting show could have gotten them a TV deal way quicker!  

So if you’re tired of signing up for that 5k just to get a well-deserved, but expected medal at the finish line, why not try out for a Reality Show and have a blast! You could come away with the “Reality Royalty” statue and who knows where that title will take you!

See who the winners are in the 6th Annual Reality Television Awards:

Sunday, June 9th



- Make sure you have an authentic reason, besides fame, to be on the show your applying for.

- Make sure you are happy with your life as it stands and not looking to a Reality Show as a last option or foot in the door. 

- Reality TV could change your life, but it’s definitely not guaranteed.

- Make sure you come in with no expectations and you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy the experience no matter what!

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