Getting Cast on Reality TV - Why? - Part 2: Love

Say what you will about dating shows, the possibility of finding true love in a bubble sounds ludicrous. The skeptical side of me feels like two perfect-looking people finding love on an island, in a mansion, and ultimately inside a little box while the world watches can be nothing but an absolute fabrication for the sole purpose of making money. But let’s take a deeper look. 

With the increase of social media and dating apps, the percentage of people who have met their significant other online is astronomical. The idea that two people who are ready to fall in love could both swipe right, meet, connect and become exclusive starts with one thing: putting yourself out there!

Sitting home or just relaxing with friends at a local lounge or bar and not making eye contact with anyone will produce around 0% chance of meeting someone. But opening up that application, taking the time to swipe through the mess, and then having the courage to meet a perfect stranger in a safe and very public place is the first step towards finding love these days... wouldn’t it be easier to have some producers do all the dirty work for you?

In dating shows, there’s more on the line as far as time and reputation, but the end result could be so much more than money, you could find love, truly. Dating shows typically don’t have a prize at the end, so if you’re looking to cash in, the dating show route is probably not the best way to go. In the interview and ultimately on the show itself, we will go much deeper than “how badly do you want the money”. We want to know “how badly do you want love and what are you willing to do for it?” Emotions run high, so we love emotional people who wear their heart on their sleeve. Competition is fierce, so we love someone who’s willing to battle for what they want. Love is worth fighting for, so throw away your rules, because in casting, this is love AND war!

When seeking candidates for a dating show, we want people who are truly ready to fall in love and are willing to put their lives on hold for that. Sure, there is typically a daily stipend paid so you don’t fall behind on rent and bills, but the real prize is the love (or the endorsements you get by being a standout character on the show…again, another topic altogether!)

So if you are looking for love and want to be swept away to a land where there are an array of men and women looking for love, why not give a dating show a chance? Love is all about putting yourself out there, timing, luck, chance and a little bit of magic—perhaps, the magic of television! 

Pro Tips:

- If you get a casting interview, dress to impress!

- This interview will be used to determine if you are right for the show, so show up as if you are going on a first date.

- Be vulnerable and honest.

- Show your Casting Producer who you are and why you want to take this journey for love. Have fun and smile!

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