Getting Cast on a Reality Show - How? Part 2: Give Great Phone!

Ok you’ve ripped the band aid off and finally applied for the show you desire, so congrats! Now for the age-old industry quote: “Hurry Up and Wait”. You’ll discover the true meaning of this quote if you start going through the casting process, but for now you’re in the waiting period. After applying, the application will be seen by a Casting professional who will read it through, start to research you online (Note: This is your second reminder to make sure your social networks are public for viewing) and decide whether or not to call you. 

Keep in mind, that phone call could come the same day, or weeks down the road, so make sure that you have a professional voicemail recorded, your ringer turned on during regular business hours, and your voicemail is not full! Also, pick up that unusual phone number that you typically avoid like the plague, it just might be the call you are waiting for and not an annoying telemarketer.

If you get that call, make sure you can talk, first and foremost. If you are absolutely 100% unavailable to chat, make sure you take the time to ask the Casting Producer when they’re available, take their phone number and CALL THEM BACK! I can’t even tell you the number of times I have had to track down an applicant I really want for a show... and after years of doing this job, it still boggles my mind.


However, if you are free to talk, make sure you are somewhere quiet and non-distractive (kids, friends, family, pets in the other room). If you happen to be driving at the time of the call, pull over into a safe parking lot so you can focus on any questions you’re being asked and can ask questions of your own, and you will probably be required to write down any given information.

Now that the phone call is happening, this is the first chance the casting team has to “meet you”. We want a sense of your personality: are you funny, logical, creative, passionate, deep, layered, energetic, etc. If you’ve ever seen a show with real people, you see what type of person gets the role: the outgoing, fun, unfiltered, say anything kind of person.

No matter what show you are applying for, if you’re entertaining, you’re one step closer to getting the gig! You have the undivided attention of the casting producer, so if you can make them laugh and fall in love with you in that initial conversation, you’re doing it right! You just may be one step closer to the next stage in the process which would be the Skype or in-person interview or hometape. Don’t mess it up or you will start from scratch!!


- Don’t lose focus. If the casting producer is asking you a question or perhaps giving you further instructions, be sure to pay attention or you might miss out on something extremely helpful.

- Don’t take the phone call at work or in a place where you have to censor yourself. We wanna see the you that makes you great for television, so make sure you’re not in the room with your grandmother or child!

- Don’t take this call under the influence of any substances, believe me, we can tell.

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