Getting Cast on a Reality Show - How? Part 2: Apply!

Ok, you decided what you want and now it’s time to make the move and apply! This is the first impression that the casting professional will get of you, so make sure you paint yourself in a great light! 

Here are some simple tips to follow:

1. On-Line Application: Make sure you click the link first and see what the application process requires from you. Maybe take some screenshots of the application form so you can gather all your materials in one place and have them ready to upload or send once you’re ready. 

2. Questions/Answer: Have some great answers for the questions. Please do not write in yes/no/or “one word” answers. You are trying to impress and intrigue the casting team, so make yourself sound interesting! If they ask why you want the show, don’t be shy, talk about yourself! Sell yourself!

3. Personal Photos: Have some great photos of yourself ready to upload or have your social media account updated with some great photos, public and able to view! No hats, sunglasses. Try to give some full body shots and some close up head shots (non-professional, please! We are looking for real people, not hired actors) Photos are best if you are smiling, looking at the camera, great lighting and a photo of just you. Group shots are ok, but we will definitely need at least 2 or 3 solo shots. If you don’t have any, grab a friend and make a fun photo shoot around your town!

4. Other Photos: Have photos and video clips ready if need be. Applying for a baking show? Make sure you have some sexy photos of your creations! Applying for an athletic show? Make sure you have some sick action shots or videos of you doing some incredibly cool and physical things! Travel show? Travel photos. Dating show? Cocktail attire photos. The list goes on, but again, preparation is key!

5. Video Set-up (if applicable): If the application requires a video, be creative but be professional! We definitely want to see your personality, so professional should not mean boring, but simply respectful. Selfie videos are dizzying to watch and only show your face, so set yourself up like following video suggests as best you can, and get ready to self-record: Feel free to have a friend record you, but make sure you are close enough to them and you can really be yourself. Hair, makeup, outfit ready (solid colors, no logos or patterns please) and above all else, make sure you’re in a good mood!

6. Video Content (if applicable): Give yourself a few tries to get the video the way you want it. Make sure you follow the video requirements requested of you, if there are any. Introduce yourself: name, age, where you live and where you’re from. Then continue to tell them why you think you’d be great for the show! Use specifics, please! If you’re applying for a culinary show, talking about your skills! If you’re applying for a competition show, tell them why you are competitive or give examples. Don’t just say, “I’m drama, you need me”, tell us “Oh, you should see me on a Saturday night, they call me the party ticket because it doesn’t matter how exclusive the venue is, my friends and I will get in and hang out with all the ball players... just check my Instagram!” We want to hear what makes you you!


7. Apply already! Gather all your materials, double/triple check your work, and send it off! Don’t hesitate on the application; sometimes there are only a few weeks remaining in the casting process by the time you hear about it, so make sure your materials are ready to go and sent off in a timely manner!

8. The Phone Call: The next step will be talking to a producer. More on that in the next segment ;)


If the application process simply says to email someone, go ahead and blow them away with the requested information and throw in some extra photos, a video and additional information about yourself, why not?!Don’t get a call back? Not to worry, try for the next show! Rejection is just redirection. That simply wasn’t your destiny, but the next one might be... so bounce right back and try, try again!

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