Getting Cast on A Reality Show - How? - Part 1: Decide Which Show to Apply For

Any radical change that one makes in their life, the first step is deciding what you want.

Think you’re missing something? Well, stop sulking or hiding away under your covers for weeks drowning yourself in other people’s Instagram feeds. Try to figure out what you want and start going for it! 

It’s not enough to feel like something is missing or you’re not where you want to be; you have to make a conscious effort to determine what will fill that void.

The same goes for getting on Reality TV. You can tell the universe that you want to be on a Reality Show, but until you figure out which show is best for you, you might just apply half-assed and never get the gig!

You have already read reasons why you might want to audition for a Reality Show, so keep those in mind. Of course, if you want money, go for shows with a prize at the end. If you want love, the dating show scene is bumpin’ with Love Island, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Blind Date, Married at First Sight and plenty more looking for singles who are ready for love!

Next, take a look at what your skills are:

Are you great at outdoorsy stuff? Survivor, The Amazing Race, Naked and Afraid, etc.

Do you kill it in the kitchen? MasterChef, Guys Grocery Games, Nailed It!, Chopped, etc.

Karaoke King/Queen? The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, etc.

Trivia Buff? Jeopardy, anything GSN, etc.

Just all around energetic and wild? Let’s Make a Deal, Match Game, Ellen’s Game of Games, etc. The list goes on, so look within you to determine what the best fit is. 

If you know what show you want to audition for, go straight to their website and apply if they’re currently casting. If you want to be inspired by new shows that are coming out, keep an eye on the Reality TV Casting Calls Facebook Page ( as the majority of current castings will post here. Rarely will they allow development projects, they stick to shows that have been officially picked up and will air on TV or a streaming service.

The beauty of being a Casting Director for Reality Shows is that most of the time, we don’t know what we’re looking for until the right person shows up! In most cases, we’re not given exact description of who the network wants for a show; we do extensive research and outreach to get to the people we feel might have right skill or requirement. We then assess each applicant and move them through the process from there. (The application is the first communication you have with our casting team, so make sure it’s a good one that will stand out... more on that soon!)

So take your time, find your show, send in your application and await that phone call (the second communication you will have with the casting team, also extremely important).

And of course, GOOD LUCK!


1. Sometimes the trick is just keeping your eyes open. Next thing you know, the opportunity shows up!

2. Make sure you’re prepared.

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