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Pick, Flip, & Drive - Digital Reality Se

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Digital Series

About the Show:

This award-winning multi-platform approach to content allows viewers to see a car being restored, then gives them the opportunity to buy it! On Facebook Watch’s first ever car series, viewers follow the jaw-dropping transformation of a classic vehicle on each episode, then as the car is finally revealed at the end of the episode, it is simultaneously posted live on Facebook Marketplace where any viewer can make an offer to buy the car. The series revolves around an auto-enthusiast family lead by Jim Eli who oversees the transformation of each vehicle, with a true sense of joy and love for classic cars and trucks. Each episode the cars are flipped, keeping the prices reasonable and attainable with cars going from the show onto the open market for purchase for anywhere between $5,000-30,000. From a 1969 Mustang Mach 1, to a 1999 Volkswagen Beetle. The series has earned multiple Telly Awards and was nominated for the C21 International Format Awards for Best Multiplatform Format.