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Hell's Kitchen - 4 Nominations - Post.pn

Nominated Show

4 Nominations:

Competition Show

Dynamic Cast: Returning

Guilty Pleasure Show​

Overall Show

About the Show:

Eight previous contestants return to battle against eight ambitious rookies for a chance at the grand prize. Each week the contestants are tested by challenges, during which they try to impress Ramsay with their culinary prowess. While challenge winners enjoy luxurious prizes, the losers are treated to daunting and often physically demanding punishments. The contestants must also be able to handle the pressure during dinner services as they strive for the ultimate goal of being named the grand-prize winner.


Nomination Detail:

Dynamic Cast - Returning - Rookies vs. Veterans

Chef Ramsay brought back a dynamic group of chefs whom he believed deserved a 2nd chance in Hell. Veterans like season 16 runner-up Heather Williams, season 14's T Gregoire and Bret Hauser, and season 6 runner-up Kevin Cottle joined forces in the blue kitchen to do battle against a crop of hungry rookies in the red kitchen. Ultimately, season 6 vet Ariel Contreras-Fox proved to Chef Ramsay that she had earned the right to be crowned Executive Chef of the Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas restaurant.

Hell's Kitchen

Reality TV Awards History

2nd Annual Reality TV Awards:

Winner - Dynamic Cast: New


3rd Annual Reality TV Awards:

Winner - Overall Show

Winner - Guilty Pleasure Show

4th Annual Reality TV Awards:

Winner - Guilty Pleasure Show