The Zoo: COVID19 & Animals
The Zoo: COVID19 & Animals

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The Zoo: COVID19 & Animals
The Zoo: COVID19 & Animals

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The Zoo: COVID19 & Animals




Nominated Categories:



Animal Planet

Production Company:

Left/Right and Copper Pot Pictures
for Animal Planet

About the Show:

Filmed over an eight-month period, The Zoo takes audiences behind the scenes of the world-renowned Bronx Zoo.

Nomination Details:

DOCU-SERIES - When the Bronx Zoo announced their four-year-old Malayan tiger tested positive for COVID-19 the world was shocked to learn that animals can be victims of the pandemic, and many questions were raised. Dave Salmoni, Animal Planet’s large predator expert, dove into these questions in The ZOO: COVID-19 AND ANIMALS. In this half-hour special that was filmed during the first months of lockdown of the pandemic, Salmoni spoke with a wide spectrum of experts from the World Health Organization to wildlife biologists to veterinarians to uncover how the virus affects animals and how pet owners could keep their pets and family safe during this time.

ARTAS History:

7th Annual Winner - Unique Concept