The Titan Games
The Titan Games

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The Titan Games
The Titan Games

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The Titan Games




Nominated Categories:

Creative Challenge, Editing, Production Crew, Host, Overall Show, New Cast



Production Company:

A. Smith & Co. Productions, UTAS, Seven Bucks Productions

About the Show:

Following his deeply held belief that everyone has the potential to become their very best selves, Dwayne Johnson offers remarkable everyday men and women the opportunity to push themselves in extreme tests of strength, endurance and mental fortitude. These contenders square off in an intense best-of-three competition, with the winners battling it out against a pro Titan in the ultimate physical challenge on Mount Olympus for a chance to become the next Titan. In the final round, the Titans face off against one another in the hope of becoming the last male and female competitor standing.

Nomination Details:

The key to Herculean Pull is simple – never let go, never give up! Dwayne Johnson and his merry band of mad scientists devised this challenge to test athletes’ speed, power, balance, grip strength, endurance, and above all, willpower. Each athlete must first use their speed and upper body strength to pull two silver poles out of the center island. Then it’s a race to the Golden Pole where a devastating midair tug-of-war will sap their legs, backs, arms, and hands until the only thing left... is heart.

In the thrilling second season, dozens more everyday day people enter the Titan Arena for their chance to become superheroes. Athletes battle it out on epic, monster challenges in a best-of-three competition with one male and one female winner advancing to the ultimate test: Mt. Olympus. There, they'll face Dwayne Johnson's handpicked Titans - superstars from across the world of sports. Whoever triumphs on Mt. Olympus will return the following week to defend their title as Reigning Titan to see which one man and one woman can conquer all challengers and earn the crown as Titan Champions. Because this season, the only thing tougher than becoming a Titan will be staying a Titan.

In the thrilling second season, Dwayne Johnson scoured North America for dozens more everyday people who are heroes in their day-to-day lives and presented them with the platform to become superheroes. He shines a spotlight everyone from doctors squeezing in workouts between hospital shifts like "Doc Thor" Kaleb Redden and Dr. Jaime Seeman to military service members like Army nurse Haley Johnson as well as Air Force Capt. Noah Palicia and his brother Army Lt. Col. Eric Palicia who hone their skills while they serve their country. "The Titan Games" also celebrates athletes living their truth through fitness, like model and body positivity speaker Courtney Roselle and trans athlete Mitch Harrison. In "The Titan Games" it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. All that matters is "Blood. Sweat. Respect. The first two you give. The last one you earn."

ARTAS History:

7th Annual Winner
Outstanding Host - Dwayne Johnson
Creative Challenge
Best New Cast

6 Total Previous Nominations