Surviving Joe Exotic
Surviving Joe Exotic

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Surviving Joe Exotic
Surviving Joe Exotic

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Surviving Joe Exotic




Nominated Categories:

Unique Concept


Animal Planet

Production Company:

ITV America’s Leftfield Productions, in association
with Luce Change Inc. for Animal Planet

About the Show:

In 2018 Animal Planet produced a series, Wolves and Warriors, about a sanctuary in Southern California that worked with war veterans who suffered from PTSD to rescue and rehabilitate wolves in need. The series brought the team to Joe Exotic’s now infamous zoo. During a rescue of several wolves who found themselves in his dubious care, the producers filmed extensively at the zoo and shot several hours of interview with Joe Exotic that turned out to be one of his last before going to prison.

Nomination Details:

UNIQUE CONCEPT - After Joe Exotic and his strange life were brought to the attention of millions, many viewers worried about the animals in his care. What was the story of these innocent victims? While we had the world’s attention, we desperately wanted to tell their stories and give them a voice. Through self and socially distanced shooting combined with footage and interviews from 2019, we were able to tell the inspiring story of some of the big cats that survived the G.W Zoo and are now flourishing in big cat sanctuaries. And using Joe’s own words along with other interviews creatively shot in the time of Covid-19, we achieved our desired goal of showing definitively how Joe’s and other roadside zoos are not the proper place for any wild animals.

ARTAS History:

First Time Nominee