Restaurant: Impossible
Restaurant: Impossible

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Restaurant: Impossible
Restaurant: Impossible

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Restaurant: Impossible




Nominated Categories:

Creative Challenge


Food Network

Production Company:

Lando Entertainment

About the Show:

Robert Irvine is on a mission to save failing restaurants from total collapse. He and his design and construction team use all the ingenuity, elbow grease and heart they've got to give small business owners a fighting chance at turning their restaurants and their lives around.

Nomination Details:

CREATIVE CHALLENGE - In this episode, Robert rolls up to the Southern Grille of Ellendale in Ellendale, Del. The owner of the Southern-style restaurant, Ronald, is working too hard to be in so much debt. If Robert can't help him reconnect with what makes him and his restaurant special, the local spot for Southern home cooking is doomed.

ARTAS History:

First Time Nominee