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Nominated Categories:

Competition Show, Overall Show, Judging Panel


Food Network

Production Company:


About the Show:

Chopped is a cooking competition show that is all about skill, speed and ingenuity where four up-and-coming chefs compete before three expert judges and take everyday items and turn them into an extraordinary three-course-meal.

Nomination Details:

COMPETITION SHOW - Course by course, the chefs will be chopped from the competition until only one winner remains.

OVERALL SHOW - Four chefs call on their culinary skills as they face off against one another to prepare a spectacular three-course meal consisting of an appetizer, entree and dessert. The catch? In each round, they have to use all the ingredients the show provides them, however unlikely they might be (Gummi Bears, anyone?). At the end of each course, a panel of three guest judges "chops" one chef who fails to measure up in terms of taste, presentation and creativity. The last chef standing takes home bragging rights and a cool $10,000.

JUDGING PANEL - Maneet Chauhan, Scott Conant and Marc Murphy

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